With your consent, I sow the required seeds and I give you the tools to turn them into extraordinary flowers, into powerful trees.

To achieve your goals, it can be useful to change the formula that worked in the past but that’s currently blocking you.

Together, we can look for a new recipe by drawing on your strengths, yours, and your team’s.

I’m here to help you find within yourself other ways of doing things, but above all of truly being the leader that YOU are.

I like face-to-face interactions better, I always make sure I come to you and your team. Even if remote sessions can be set up, I would rather meet you and work on site, where everything takes place, where everything happens.

You have reached a dead end or you face an obstacle.
You no longer find within yourself the keys to make progress.
Your team dynamics could be improved.
You feel the need to be guided as a leader.
You’ve come to the right place!
My mission is to support you through this challenge, to guide you. To hold your hand for a while, show you what's on the horizon, give you what you need, and finally let you fly on your own.

That’s what I’m made for.


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I have been in business for more than 20 years, I have managed teams of 5 to 200 people. Listening, observing and experimenting has allowed me to refine my approaches.

I am pragmatic, I go straight to the point: to help you move forward.

It took me years to understand my mission in life. Over time, through many encounters, I have learnt to listen and to follow my instinct. I would have liked to save the world… I realized that it was “mission:  impossible”. Today, I simply try to make it more beautiful by sowing seeds, patiently. All this is possible thanks to my decision to come out of the shadows, to express my thoughts, to be better in relationships and to finally be fully myself.

Now, surrounded by inspired and inspiring people, I am confident and assured.

Our common goal? Providing you with everything you need to work better and less.

I grew up in a close-knit, happy family. Even though life was not always gentle to us, love was omnipresent. I was always driven to do more, to be better. I believed that life was about having the highest marks, being the good, model child. It took me many years to get out of this pattern, to dare to be who I really wanted to be, without worrying about what people would say.

When the time came to choose a professional orientation, I wanted to go into teaching. Already at the time, I felt this need to spread my knowledge, to make others grow. I started studying chemistry. In the early 1990s, I began my professional career as a scientific expert. Still, my inner voice pushed me not to give up on my vocation: at the same time, I got a teaching diploma.

Very quickly, I was appointed team leader. My lack of self-confidence caused me to over-adapt to everyone and everything. It took me two burnouts to realize that something had to change. So, I started listening actively and I began to express more empathy. Intuitively, I always go for participative leadership, a style that I like to use and improve during each of my roles within the company. I am committed to the groups I support, I want to help them grow, to unleash their potential so the teams can function properly. From a chemist, I became an alchemist…and it really works!


The magic things that clicked in my life

Choose to trust me and I will give you everything I have to offer. I will use my authenticity, my care and my energy in the interest of your development. My goal is to create a climate of trust and mutual support within the teams. To reveal the best that is in you and to allow everyone to express themselves freely, without restraining each other, to grow together.

I encourage you to make mistakes, to try new things to learn and to see what works for you. Everyone has doubts, fears, beliefs, limits. Everyone also has skills, qualities, talents. By highlighting what each member of your team has to offer, you will be able to create a unit of complementarities, essential to the proper functioning of your organization. No one should stay in the shadows because each teammate has something to contribute.

At the root of my method to become a leader who is inspiring and inspired: authenticity and solidarity. When a team malfunctions, it is often because of difficulties to understand each other. Getting to discover oneself and one's colleagues, who we really are, is a key factor of cohesion. Everyone must be able to dare to be themselves, without fear of judgment. It is by joining forces and having a common vision that we will find the motivation to be effective. It is the audacity of 1+1=3!

1+1=3 translates into a mathematical equation: collective strength and power.
It’s similar to some African proverbs such as
“Alone we go faster, together we go further”
“It takes a whole tribe to raise a child”
It's another way of talking about the incredible alchemy happening when each teammate uses their talents to serve the group, it's the power of solidarity and desire, of the audacity to move forward together.


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