We have a leader within us.

How often do we long to feel better, individually and through team cohesion.

How often do we try to contribute to the harmonious growth of our organizations but can’t?

Then, your conscious journey to leadership begins here and today.

I support managers, teams and organizations on their path to development.

My approach is caring, pragmatic and intuitive.


I am Valérie, seed-sower, passionate about human beings and their growth. My journey has shaped my entrepreneurial vision. I am convinced that each member of a team has hard and soft skills to bring to the rest of the group. My mission: to reveal everyone’s potential, so the company can take off.

Valérie Malisse

Creator of magic triggers

Embark on a long and gentle ride. Individually or collectively, find or create your rhythm.

value for mastery

Take time to exchange ideas, to take a deep breath and to be inspired. Alone or as a team, get back on your path feeling re-energized.

value for magic

Get ready for an unexpected journey where you will want to initiate change…who knows what might come out of our meeting?

value for mystery


• That each and every one feels more in harmony with himself, herself;

• That you have the audacity to be you;

• That the teams have found the best way to grow together on a daily basis: as a group, with care and trust;

• That the organization is not only efficient, but also human, truly authentic, over the long term.

My ambitions, what I wish for you once we part ways:

"Valérie knew of my desire to apply for a humanitarian program but I felt guilty for leaving the team for 6 months, busy with the workload. Valérie submitted the idea to the team to show that it was possible. She indirectly led me to finding a solution for the team which allowed me to undertake the program I wanted. This type of discreet guidance is positive behavior to find solutions and help everyone achieve their personal development wish. Her authenticity helps create a climate of trust." 


"During the first project which we worked together on, she was able to create a climate of trust within the teams who were working together but who did not dare to address sensitive or even conflicting subjects with each other. By gradually building a healthy and open environment, she allowed everyone to dare to express themselves and to listen to each other." 


"To me, Valérie is Valérie... generosity, courage, benevolence... non-judgmental and willing to raise her student or anyone facing her... She is the only person who knew how to guide me without ever judging me!"


"Thanks to her experience, Valérie helped me think differently, gain self-confidence and dare to do, dare to ask, dare to take action. She helped me manage pain points that staff come across by quickly solving questions that show the importance we attach to their work and thus convince them to follow us with the new input that is given." 


Your kind words

Collective work is a strength. I am convinced of this, it’s a value that drives me day after day. Confident that alone we go faster, but that together we go further, I have a deep need to build relationships, partnerships. The book co-written with Marc Vossen is the result of one of the carefully sown seeds. It’s not the only one…




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