We are both convinced that a leader lies dormant in each of us. You just have to learn to discover and tame him/her and to make that power useful to others. It is up to us to choose to reveal this leader who lives within us.

In 2020, Marc and I wrote a book together, “Balancez vos ondes positives”, which translates as “Share your positive waves”. Inspired by our lives, it talks about our experiences of lead-earth-ship, and gives proposals and tools which allow organizations to be even more human, humanistic.

Beyond the writing of this first book, we support those who wish to reinvent their leadership in business. The complementarity of our duo and the passion to make you grow and become you are equally strong!

“Balancez vos ondes positives”: Live as an inspirational leader at work and beyond.

When my path crossed Marc Vossen’s in June 2019, he was CEO of NGroup, a media company in French-speaking Belgium (including 4 radio stations NRJ, Chérie, Nostalgie and Nostalgie+).

It was more precisely during one of his seminars "Be an Inspired Inspiring Leader" (Sulii), human-centered, that we began to exchange. Throughout these two days, Marc inspired me every second, putting clear and simple words on what I was trying to apply on a daily basis.

Marc is a wave diffuser; he spreads speeches and paths. He gives his voice so that we can find ours.

Since then, our simultaneous experiences, lived in complete freedom and authenticity, bring us closer every day. Moreover, those experiences are the testimonies of what we’ve lived, which we share with companies and organizations.

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marc vossen

YAPADAZAR ( it was fate)…

Marc is a wave diffuser; he spreads speeches and paths. He gives his voice so that we can find ours.

His podcast, Balancez Vos Ondes Positives (BVOP), is hosted in collaboration with myself and a few other contributors. Various current topics are covered, with the aim of making people think and find solutions, always in a light and optimistic way! It is possible to listen to each program in its entirety with the different discussions, or each chronicle separately.

In the future, to move forward or even to survive, companies are going to have to change the way they manage and perceive their human resources. Increasing the quality of relationships, reducing reporting lines, developing leadership and boosting creativity are some of our ambitions.

Hand in hand with a group of professionals, our role is to put value back into people, for the proper functioning of companies and the development of their employees.

I met Olivier through LinkedIn. He is the founder of 4P Agency and Corporate Regeneration, as well as an author and speaker. Like me, Olivier sows small seeds and dreams of a better world.

Olivier and I have decided to work together to put people back at the center of organizations. To do this, we help managers identify the natural ingenuities of each employee in their company.

We believe that it is useful and necessary to change the current operating model of companies, by stopping the constant pressure on teams: in the long term, stress causes the destruction of resources, leads to burn-out, recurrent resignations and general demotivation. It makes more sense to work smarter by identifying the contributing values of each and everyone. Allowing each teammate to contribute according to their “talents” optimizes the management of organizations.

Olivier bouche

an obvious connection

In 2019, I was let go by the pharmaceutical company I was working for, and I am so grateful. This gave me the opportunity to focus on an idea that had been going round in my head for a while: to open a “Leadership Academy”, in which leaders, novice or seasoned, could become better. When I started out as a manager, I would have liked someone to support me!

During a conversation with Fabrice, I told him about my project. He was so enthusiastic that he offered to help me make it happen by sharing his inspiration and knowledge. Quickly, Laure and Samira, along with by their personal talents, joined us.

Together, drawing on our skills and our complementary backgrounds, we are committed to developing the potential of leaders. We offer a 4-month immersive experience during which each participant first learns to know themselves, before focusing on ways to improve the dynamism of their team and better navigate within their organization.

Becoming an inspired and inspiring leader cannot be improvised. Among other things, you have to gain confidence, learn to delegate, empower your team, create a culture conducive to interactions, while effectively giving (and accepting) feedback.

Since the beginning of the adventure, we have had the pleasure of helping more than 50 leaders from all walks of life and seeing them grow.

The Becoming Leader program was born in 2020.

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Becoming Leader

a dream come true

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