Each of my services is tailor-made, or rather tailored to your needs and ambitions. My goal is to listen to you, to find out what notes are missing from your symphony and help you create a powerful and harmonious melody. My work is also my passion, which is why I love helping you develop your inner composer, inspiring and inspired, so you can participate in your teams’ growth!

Here are some possible ways I can support you. According to your needs, each package can be customized.


value for magic

Do you lack inspiration? Are you stuck because of specific issues, looking for another path?

I am at your disposal for some discussions, round tables, or even interactive conferences.

Like a virtuoso, I take you on board for a maximum of 2 hours during which we discuss, interact and share our perspectives. Those exchanges are based on a particular theme, or in relation to a concern encountered at a personal, team or organizational level.

My interventions will allow you to broaden your horizons, considering the point of view of all participants. This will enable you to clear the way towards options that will also respect the needs of all those involved: the final melody will be all the more beautiful!

value for mastery

Do you want to overcome a single problem and set up a sustainable and resilient system?

To write a new score individually or as a team, which you can then play together again and again, and always with the same passion?

Together, over a period of 3 to 12 months, we will be able to build a path that will teach you to overcome – alone or as a team – all the challenges that will come up on your way.

I will be by your side, ready to support you by adapting the tempo and adjusting the necessary learning. We will first compose the score together. You will then make it yours according to your rhythm and your desires, to compose the melody that suits you and will guide you.

Afterwards, I remain available, via email, WhatsApp, or other social networks.

value for mystery

With this package, neither you nor I know what will happen. All we know for sure is that you want to act on some issues, to explore your own unknown territories. Or you simply want to cross the boundaries of your current world as a leader or as a team.

Together, individually and/or collectively, we will rethink the scores, explore the tempos and discover other rhythms, other sounds. Open the doors to another world, move towards new tones, and then choose the ones that suit you.

Hand in hand, let's begin this experimental search for your musicality to find your personal and collective vibration. In harmony, our goal will be to succeed in enjoying this symphony orchestra which plays without a conductor, in unison and in harmony.

I offer you an unknown, unique, sometimes disrupting adventure: be ready to experience surprising situations!

value for money

Do you have a limited budget? Don’t panic, I have something for you too.

A meeting of half a day to 2 days, a break, enough time to assess your current situation.

The goal for you here, alone or as a team, will be to find out which of your strings are broken, to retune your instrument, and to identify which new direction to take.

Crescendo, we will write the score together, the action plan which can be followed in the long run.

It is essential to me that our exchanges resonate with you! Our paths cross at a given moment in time, let's take advantage of these magical hours to inspire each other.

I am also a "Business Angel": I invest in those who are enthusiastic, who have the desire, the will to go forward.

If you want to know more about a particular subject or address another topic, contact me!



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